First of all the way architecture is handled in press is important. To talk about the social identity of architectural taste without mentioning architectural ads, does not seem possible nowadays. Architectural criticism and architectural introduction writings are intertwined. Architecture’s magazine reknown, has begun to have an equivalent in architectural profession. Sponsorship relations, became the dominant format in terms of art production. It is discussed wether the rapprochement of market and art is a step toward democratization or a kind of domestication policy.

Besides these topics, media in plural as a medium of self expression, deserves to stand on different headlines. Along with the use of space of contemporary arts in a much more creative    way, the question of why the influence of this resource on architecture’s production on itself is limited   is a question in itself. New techniques and technologies open ,important fields to architecture and art. Architectural photography, stands side by side with advertisement phptpgraphy as a compromising area between architecture and photography. In this context the symposium topics include the following subjects without being limited to them.

Architecture and Art as a Commodity or Image

Architecture, Art and Ads

Art, sponsorship and customer relationships

Architecture and art as a consumption object

Architecture, Art and Media

Architecture magazines, publishing

Culture-art pages of newspapers

Architectural criticism or architectural descrioption writings

Architectural photography

Architectural Profession and Forms of Social Perceptions of Architecture

The social resources of architectural appreciation

The architect’s images in the media and the star system

The artist’s image in the press

New Expression and Design Possibilities of Architecture

The relationship of new design programs with design

The influence of new technologies to architecural-art aesthetics

The Space Perception and Space Production of the 21st Century

The effect of contemporary art techniques to the production of space

Current interpretations of space in contemporary arts

The possibilities of architecture as art


2 Responses to “Symposium Themes”

  1. 1 Dr.O.P.Joshi March 9, 2010 at 8:35 am

    I found the theme very academic and scientifically co-related.
    Architecture is art in itself and art without architecture may not become attractive. Both are important in their beauty. The style, composition, form, design, theme/subject,color and material provide the Architecture and Art beauty and importance.

    The conference can encourage authors as well as creators new ideas. Changing styles of Architecture providing new styles and themes to artists and sculptors. Variety of Ads are coming up, sponsoring agencies are giving new designs to customers.
    Urbanization has created strong relationship between Architecture, Art and Customers through sponsoring agencies.

    I hope speakers will also like to exhibit in the conference.

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