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New Deadline

The new deadline for abstracts is 12th of April 2010.


Architecture Media Art

November 24-25-26 2010

While the boundaries of architecture and art are being traced according to different lines every day, their relationship to each other are redefined. On the base of political equations, social panorama, climate, technology, production conditions, legislative procedures and artists’ attitudes, art and architecture may accept their roles, they may be satisfied to form autonomy areas and  sometimes they may be turned into resistance focuses. 

If we define architecture_art as the complex relationship network formed by architecture and art, various dynamics concerning this sub-dash could be mentionned. Even if it may seem possible to discuss this network relations on the various contexts of culture, ideology, technology, media, not enough attention is drawn on media as a dynamic perhaps because it is indirectly related to discussions on form.

It can be said that media’s role as a relationship creator in both terms of the concept is fulfilled. Along with the effects on architectural and artistic production of media, the fact that media is one of the important variables of architecture_art in the sense of production or presentation field should be mentionned.

In short media in plural is named as one of the key concepts in discussions on how architecture_art  expresses itself. In turn architecture_art’s expression forms effect the fundamental change dynamics. On one hand the image of architecture and art in the media is part of their reality. On the other hand media in the sense of new production tools and techniques, instead of existing as only self-representing, forms an interesting representional   whole intermingling with what is represented.

Whereas to trace architecture_media’s expression via media’s, carries within itself important hints concerning how and towards where architecture and art of the twenty first century evolves. In the first meeting of Architecture_Art Symposium in the title Architecture Media Art, it is aimed to discuss current transformations on architecture and art in the context of media’s, to bring up these discussions in the political, aesthetic and historical context and the possibilty of an inter-disciplinary communication concerning actual production dynamics is intended to be exposed.


Department of Architectural History

 *Header: Detail from “To Infinity” of İlhan Koman


Advisory Commitee:
Bülent Özer
Doğan Hasol
Gündüz Gökçe
Suha Özkan

Scientific Commitee:
Ayla Antel
Ahu Antmen
Aykut Köksal
Uğur Tanyeli
Uşun Tükel
Filiz Özer
Şebnem Uzunarslan
Emre Zeytinoğlu

Organising Commitee:
Aylâ Antel
Elvan Gökçe Erkmen
Gevher Gökçe Acar
Ebru Özeke Tökmeci
Elâ Güngören
Özge Gündem
Efe Duyan

History of Architecture Department, MSFAU