New Deadline

The new deadline for abstracts is 12th of April 2010.


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  1. 1 Dr.O.P.Joshi March 30, 2010 at 11:11 am

    Art and Aesthetics in Indigenous people’s Architecture

    Architecture is solid art which is created and used not for only observing and enjoying (like painting and sculpture) but used for community’s survival. Most expensive and important item of human life is ‘house’, where people, live create and develop a family. Indigenous or tribal communities are poor and live in their own style. All most all tribal people plan and construct their own houses in their settlements. The house type is chosen by the community based on their living styles and philosophy of life. Indigenous people’s house generally constructed with mud, wood, bamboos, grass, slates and backed tiles. They like peace, work, rituals, festivals, fun, food and enjoyment. They need protection of the family from cold, rains, summer and wild life. With these objectives they construct their artistic houses. Paintings and sculptures are part of their houses. Great masters were influenced with indigenous people’s creations.The works of Picasso, Gauguin, Matisse and large number of contemporary artists are influenced with the creation of communities of Africa, Tahiti, Hawaii and Samoa. Among tribal communities art and architecture are integrated and part of their life.
    Gauguin studied the social life of Oceania where he lived and painted. Simplicity in life and architecture are prominent traits of tribes. In India there are nearly 500 tribes and variety of architectural designs. In India Kotwalia tribe is attached with bamboos. They construct their houses with bamboo walls, create baskets and domestic items and live in bamboo forest. There is need of systematic documentation of tribal art and architecture in South Asia as these are slowly vanishing.

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